Optimize and Prophesize 2010 Highlights

2010 was my fifth year of blogging and my second year on Twitter. My number of blog posts have continued to trend down the past few years, though my posts these days tend to be more thought out and longer – so hopefully the quality has gone up. I looked back on my blog posts from the past year and collected my favorites below. Thank you to everyone who spent any of their precious time during 2010 on my blog. Enjoy the Holidays and I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you in 2011.

– Jonathan

Thoughts on Online Advertising

What Social Check-Ins Forgot: The Value of Landing Pages

Ten Intent Triggers for Digital Media

Online Advertising is Not an Intent Generation Channel

Search Vs. Social: A Game Over Before it Started

Links vs. Cookies: A Tale of Two Web Economies

Thoughts on Online Publishing Monetization

The Market Value of Supply Side Data

Display’s Matching Problem

Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Segmentation in the Age of Data Objects

Unlocking the True Value of Digital with User Flows

Another Brick in the Paywall

Thoughts on Online Privacy

The Web is Not an Ad Supported Medium

My Thoughts on Online Privacy


Display Advertising's New Wave

Optimizing Conversion Rate for the Mobile Web







One response to “Optimize and Prophesize 2010 Highlights”

  1. Kate | Video Ads Avatar

    I just wanted to thank you, Jonathan. Some very good ideas struck my mind while I was reading your posts, and they turned out to be successful. Thanks a lot!


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