Talkin’ 2011 Publisher Revenue Blues

"Well, I finally started thinkin' straightWhen I run outta things to investigate." -Bob Dylan It’s been a while since I’ve posted here at Optimize and Prophesize and even longer since I posted regularly. As has been the tradition here  in all but my first year blogging in 2006, I provide a yearly recap of my… Continue reading Talkin’ 2011 Publisher Revenue Blues

Yieldbot Begins Empowering Publishers with Intent Data

“If you think about the [advertising technology] stack there’s lots of necessary elements but it seems to me the meat in the sandwich is the intelligence layer. It’s the engine that figures out, if-this-then-this. If you think about what the most important part is that seems to me to be at the nucleus.” -Terrence Kawaja,… Continue reading Yieldbot Begins Empowering Publishers with Intent Data

Ad Wars 2011: The Publisher Empire Strikes Back

Intent is Timing When you mention the word intent in online advertising circles the first thought is invariably Search. Of course Search has thrived as a destination site for intent but intent is not generated in Search. Intent is generated many other places and is moved to Search. Most of all for advertisers, Search is… Continue reading Ad Wars 2011: The Publisher Empire Strikes Back

Optimize and Prophesize 2010 Highlights

2010 was my fifth year of blogging and my second year on Twitter. My number of blog posts have continued to trend down the past few years, though my posts these days tend to be more thought out and longer – so hopefully the quality has gone up. I looked back on my blog posts… Continue reading Optimize and Prophesize 2010 Highlights

My Thoughts on Online Privacy

Anyone that has followed me on Twitter knows that I have been a staunch defender of online privacy rights and outspoken against third-party data sharing practices of our industry. The reasons are twofold: one personal, one business. I’m compelled to finally write a post on privacy after reading Esther Dyson’s comments on it. It’s a… Continue reading My Thoughts on Online Privacy