Taste Graphs and the Future of User Controlled Media

My friend Andy Weissman posted some really interesting ideas last week on the future of branded media that got me thinking. “we are moving to a world where almost everything is available, basically on demand. The problem for users in this environment is no longer "what CAN I watch" (or read or listen to). Instead,… Continue reading Taste Graphs and the Future of User Controlled Media

Optimize and Prophesize 2010 Highlights

2010 was my fifth year of blogging and my second year on Twitter. My number of blog posts have continued to trend down the past few years, though my posts these days tend to be more thought out and longer – so hopefully the quality has gone up. I looked back on my blog posts… Continue reading Optimize and Prophesize 2010 Highlights

Search Vs. Social: A Game Over Before it Started

I really like GigaOm but they fell prey yesterday at the end of a piece that was for the most part accurate about Search not being a demand-gen channel to the false prophet of Social Media advertising overtaking Search. They’re in good company underestimating the upside of Search. In 2003 Jupiter predicted paid search would grow to… Continue reading Search Vs. Social: A Game Over Before it Started

My Thoughts on Online Privacy

Anyone that has followed me on Twitter knows that I have been a staunch defender of online privacy rights and outspoken against third-party data sharing practices of our industry. The reasons are twofold: one personal, one business. I’m compelled to finally write a post on privacy after reading Esther Dyson’s comments on it. It’s a… Continue reading My Thoughts on Online Privacy

Ten Intent Triggers for Digital Media

It has long been my belief that the ability to create intent would define web monetization but I had no idea it would play out (and literally “play” out as in Zynga et al) the way it has. Certainly we are at the dawn of a new age where technology powers marketing in more powerful… Continue reading Ten Intent Triggers for Digital Media

Introducing the NML – The National Marketing League*

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a professional marketing league? It could literally be the best media property in the world, NFL be damned. I know I would follow it very closely and even place a wager or two. Owners would form teams of digital marketers across different verticals. Team members could include marketers… Continue reading Introducing the NML – The National Marketing League*

Another Brick in the Paywall

 There have been some interesting thoughts, news and events the past week in regards to paying for content online that made me realize while I hold some strong beliefs and experiences in the area I’ve not written about these ideas in a long while. Over the past couple of years I have helped advise three of the… Continue reading Another Brick in the Paywall