Optimize Randomness to Deliver Relevance


The web is never ending path of recovery and discovery.

This is what we’re optimizing!

Yet we are wired for randomness.

Radio, mix tapes, DJ’s, Pandora. Music proves our
love of randomness. The sense of discovery fulfills a basic human need. We
achieve further fulfillment from enlightening others to our discoveries.

The question then becomes…how random while still providing
net-new relevance?

Think about it, if our messages are too random the base
content can also become less relevant. We can be random to the point of context. 

We don’t like
every one of the 300+ radio stations on XM/Sirius but we have affinity to some
more than others. The beauty of affinity is that while it is insanely
fragmented it is also incredibly consistent. Not everyone I know loves Springsteen. But nearly all
Springsteen fans I know also love Van Morrison.

Randomness helps us discover. It can create
interest. It can lead to intent.

This is a content equation not an advertising one.

All ads are content.

Most ads are random.

Few ads are relevant.

It is all changing. 

If we optimize the randomness we deliver relevance.


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