The Decade of Display That Wasn’t 2007 – 2017

Act I: Crank That The year was 2007. Ten years ago. Microsoft bought aQuantive for $6.3B. Google bought DoubleClick for $3.1B. Yahoo bought Right Media for $680M. Display was poised to take massive amounts of advertising dollars from television over the next decade and become the dominant form of advertising. Microsoft, Google and Yahoo were… Continue reading The Decade of Display That Wasn’t 2007 – 2017

Autumn for Digital Publishers…and Everything After

The digital media world was a rocked yesterday by news that Buzzfeed is going to miss revenue targets by 20% and Mashable was sold for $50M when its valuation last year was $250M. What is going on? The short answer is a lot. Buzzfeed is actually right in their statement where they put blame on… Continue reading Autumn for Digital Publishers…and Everything After

End of the CPM Experiment

The flag bearer of display advertising was always Yahoo. Their massive sales force stoked 15 years of equity into “the web banner.” Yahoo arguably had the greatest hand in providing the economic foundation for the entire web for many of its formative years.  That is why nothing better symbolizes the collapse of that foundation better… Continue reading End of the CPM Experiment

Talkin’ 2011 Publisher Revenue Blues

"Well, I finally started thinkin' straightWhen I run outta things to investigate." -Bob Dylan It’s been a while since I’ve posted here at Optimize and Prophesize and even longer since I posted regularly. As has been the tradition here  in all but my first year blogging in 2006, I provide a yearly recap of my… Continue reading Talkin’ 2011 Publisher Revenue Blues

Ad Wars 2011: The Publisher Empire Strikes Back

Intent is Timing When you mention the word intent in online advertising circles the first thought is invariably Search. Of course Search has thrived as a destination site for intent but intent is not generated in Search. Intent is generated many other places and is moved to Search. Most of all for advertisers, Search is… Continue reading Ad Wars 2011: The Publisher Empire Strikes Back