Display Advertising’s New Wave

This week I was supposed to be in Amsterdam giving a presentation at Sanoma Uitegevers MediaParade event. As luck would have it a volcano erupted and forced me to cancel the trip. Below is the presentation I was really excited to give. It’s 45 minute talk, history lesson, state of the union and crystal ball about display advertising. The slides don’t do it justice but hopefully at the least you’ll be intrigued.

1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the deck Jonathan,
    Are there many exchanges/networks that have the capability to create display ads in real-time?
    As I understand the Adwords/Adsense (the biggest network?) it is not enabled to do the type of display you are talking about.
    And what types of publishers (big?) allow exchanges/ networks to use their own platforms?
    How long before someone like Google realizes they are leaving money on the table?


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