@jonathanmendez now live on Twitter


It took a year of observation but I’ve decided that even
though I could continue working with and evangelizing APIs & real-time web and
not be on Twitter
, it was starting to feel weird. I mean c'mon, how would you feel buying a Mercedes then finding out the owner of the dealership drives a Pontiac?

Also, while there are many things I don’t like about Twitter (and I’ll
post about that once I’m off my self-imposed hiatus writing about social media) at this point there are conversations happening about me, the things I do
and the business I’m in  — and I
haven’t been able to be a part of them — until now.

Hopefully I’ll do more listening that talking, be more
inspired than inspiring and connect with people smarter and more interesting
than myself. If I learn one new thing a week about the way people interact and experience real-time web it will be worth it. With that said, I invite you to follow me


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