@jonathanmendez now live on Twitter


It took a year of observation but I’ve decided that even
though I could continue working with and evangelizing APIs & real-time web and
not be on Twitter
, it was starting to feel weird. I mean c'mon, how would you feel buying a Mercedes then finding out the owner of the dealership drives a Pontiac?

Also, while there are many things I don’t like about Twitter (and I’ll
post about that once I’m off my self-imposed hiatus writing about social media) at this point there are conversations happening about me, the things I do
and the business I’m in  — and I
haven’t been able to be a part of them — until now.

Hopefully I’ll do more listening that talking, be more
inspired than inspiring and connect with people smarter and more interesting
than myself. If I learn one new thing a week about the way people interact and experience real-time web it will be worth it. With that said, I invite you to follow me


3 responses to “@jonathanmendez now live on Twitter”

  1. www.freefor15.com Avatar

    I would feel really weird seeing the owner of the mercedez dealership drive off in a used Honda also.


  2. Michelle Avatar

    Look forward to following you on Twitter. I enjoy your blog, so I’m sure you’ll have alot of other insights to share with us all.


  3. Lyndsay Babl Avatar

    It’s good when people who work in the web industry fully embrace the fun parts too! (Even though,I know, they can be annoying.)


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