End of the CPM Experiment

The flag bearer of display advertising was always Yahoo. Their massive sales force stoked 15 years of equity into “the web banner.” Yahoo arguably had the greatest hand in providing the economic foundation for the entire web for many of its formative years.  That is why nothing better symbolizes the collapse of that foundation better… Continue reading End of the CPM Experiment

Talkin’ 2011 Publisher Revenue Blues

"Well, I finally started thinkin' straightWhen I run outta things to investigate." -Bob Dylan It’s been a while since I’ve posted here at Optimize and Prophesize and even longer since I posted regularly. As has been the tradition here  in all but my first year blogging in 2006, I provide a yearly recap of my… Continue reading Talkin’ 2011 Publisher Revenue Blues

Optimize and Prophesize 2010 Highlights

2010 was my fifth year of blogging and my second year on Twitter. My number of blog posts have continued to trend down the past few years, though my posts these days tend to be more thought out and longer – so hopefully the quality has gone up. I looked back on my blog posts… Continue reading Optimize and Prophesize 2010 Highlights

Another Brick in the Paywall

 There have been some interesting thoughts, news and events the past week in regards to paying for content online that made me realize while I hold some strong beliefs and experiences in the area I’ve not written about these ideas in a long while. Over the past couple of years I have helped advise three of the… Continue reading Another Brick in the Paywall

The Value of Search Ads for Brand Keywords

On Search Engine Land today I saw a nice post on understanding the dynamics of Paid vs. Organic (or Natural) search. As David Roth explains it: What keywords are we really talking about? Those that match exactly with your brand name or branded product name, where there is generally no competition. So if you are Acme Widget… Continue reading The Value of Search Ads for Brand Keywords

Digital Spaces That Excite Me for 2010

Last year I was very fortunate to meet some incredible people involved in shaping the future of digital media. I enjoyed learning about what interests them, hearing their points of view and discovering what problems they were working on solving. Needless to say, digital media evolves at an astounding velocity so I thought this was… Continue reading Digital Spaces That Excite Me for 2010

2009 Recap: My Faves, Posts & Presos

"A friend is one before whom I may think aloud." – Emerson 2009 was an amazing year of discovery for me and I tried to share as much of that here as I could. This year also presented a sea change in my writing because I started using a new communications platform, Twitter (you can… Continue reading 2009 Recap: My Faves, Posts & Presos