Speaking, Moderating and Hosting a Clinic at SES Chicago

SES Chicago 2008

Chicago is my favorite SES because it's such a great town and the show always has a heavy conversion rate focus. This year I’ll be quite involved on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday (December 9th-11th) at Search Engine Strategies
so if you are going to be there and would like to connect please contact me.

Tuesday 3:00-4:00pm in the main expo hall @ Booth #204 I’ll
be conducting an ROI clinic I’m calling it the CPA Optimization Station.
Come on down and I’ll review your campaign structure, ads, landing pages and
discuss A/B & Multivariate testing strategies and technology. This is available with just an expo hall pass and I promise to do my best Gordon Ramsay imitation (This headline is bloody terrible!) on your landing page.

Wednesday 2:15-3:30pm I’m moderating Ads in a Quality Score
. I’ve had the pleasure to speak at this session three or four times and
it’s always one of the more challenging ones. Maybe they decided to have me
moderate after I kept telling people to “ignore the score.” In any case, with all the changes in Quality Score this past year and the impact QS has on
campaign success this will be a very useful session. Here's the summary:

Ads in a Quality Score World: More and more, ranking
well in paid search listings is less about how much you pay and more about the
"quality" of your ad campaign. But what goes into making up your
quality score? In this panel, we'll take a closer look at quality factors and
give tips on increasing the perceived relevancy of your campaigns.

Moderator: Jonathan
, Founder & CEO, RAMP Digital


, Principal, Page Zero Media

, President & CEO, Pepperjam

Ron Jones,
Search Engine Watch Expert & President/CEO, Symetri Internet Marketing

Mary Berk,
Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Thursday 10:15-11:15am I’m speaking on the Ad Continuity
. This session will look at the relationship between ads & landing
pages and how they must work together. I’m excited to be involved in this
session as I’ve been a vocal proponent of optimizing holistically and that the ads are the meat of the optimization sandwich, stuffed between the query and
the landing page. Here's the summary:

Ad Copy Continuity Clinic: Does your PPC ad make a
promise that your landing page can't keep? Make sure that your ad copy and
landing page contents are in alignment with each other to ensure a smooth and
profitable visitor experience. This clinic will examine actual ads and landing
pages offered up by volunteers from the audience. I’ll be joined by some other
very smart people.

, Owner, Searching for Profit


, Founder & CEO, RAMP Digital

, President & Chief Technology Officer, ion interactive

Tim Ash,
President, Site Tuners

See you in Chi-Town.


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