Talkin’ 2011 Publisher Revenue Blues

"Well, I finally started thinkin' straight
When I run outta things to investigate."

-Bob Dylan

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here at Optimize and Prophesize and even longer since I posted regularly. As has been the tradition here  in all but my first year blogging in 2006, I provide a yearly recap of my favorite posts. This year will not break with tradition.

This year I also began posting also at – the voice of my great company, Yieldbot. Since some of you may not have known about that blog I’m going to include a couple of those posts here as well since they would have been right at home here too but demand now to be in the context of our business.

Here’s the best I had to offer in 2011:

Ad Wars 2011: The Publisher Empire Strikes Back

Building the Greenfields of Display

Hacking Display Advertising

Rise of the Publisher Arbitrage Model

Why Publishers are the Bread in the Intent Sandwich

One of the cool things about looking back at the post here is that you can see the evolution of Yieldbot. What started out as thinking and work in site optimization and landing page optimization from Search, merged into the idea of a Search OS for Display and culminated in the vision and strategy and ultimately execution for Yieldbot. It’s all in these pages if you follow back over the years:

Optimize and Prophesize 2010 Highlights

2009 Recap: My Faves, Posts & Presos

Favorite Thing: Posts & Presos of 2008

Top 10 Multivariate & A/B Testing Results from 2007

I’m not sure how often I’ll post here in 2012 but the best ideas have a long shelf life and whether it’s your first time on this blog, your last, or somewhere in between I hope you’ll find some worthwhile reading.

Rave On,





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