AdMonsters Keynote: Can Display Advertising Survive the Web?

This past Thursday in New York I gave the keynote address at the AdMonsters Leadership Council. If you’re not familiar with AdMonsters they are not monsters at all, but a fantastic professional organization for people in ad operations.

What is Ad Operations?

These are the smart people in the world of display. Ad ops traffic the ads, report on impressions, collect and analyze the metrics and optimize performance from creative to serving to revenue to yield management. Very cool and important stuff.

Maybe a keynote questioning the future of their business was not the best way to ingratiate myself to this audience (one attendee afterwards said I was very brave) but we know a sea change is brewing with display advertising. I expect in only 24 months we’ll see display completely redefined on all sides; planning, buying, selling and creative.

Ironically, some of the things that will change, namely the antiquated ways media is bought and sold are the very things preventing these super-smart ad ops people from moving into more strategic roles that can help advertisers be more be successful in content environments and content providers be more successful with their advertising. I guess it’s the salespeople and creatives that are the ones screwing things up. ☺



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