Expert Guide to Multivariate Testing Success

I’ve been doing MVT for three years across landing pages and websites with over 40 clients like Citibank, Disney, Esurance, H&R Block, Inuit, Microsoft and T-Mobile. As the Founder & former Chief Strategy Officer of OTTO Digital, the services division of the market-leading MVT tool, Offermatica (now Omniture Test&Target) I’ve authored many case studies on multivariate testing – six of which are featured in MarketingSherpa’s Landing Page Handbook. Many more have been posted here on Optimize and Prophesize.

However, even after two years of steady blogging I’ve never captured or shared a complete multivariate testing overview. So I’ve tossed aside two book offers (the client work is more fun and pays way better anyway) and shared everything I could think that would be helpful to digital marketers in a series of posts here on my blog.

If you’re just getting started with MVT hopefully this helps make sense of it all to you. If you’re already experienced hopefully this will give you some new ideas and methods. Whoever you are, you should know that when used properly, advanced marketing technology and analytic data can provide business intelligence that can quickly improve performance with your campaigns and content by making it more relevant to your customers.

Part 1: Introduction to Factorial Designs

Part 2: Choosing a Test Array

Part 3: Strategy & Tactics for Element Selection

Part 4: Creating Element Variations

Part 5: Test Set-Up & Implementation

Part 6: Understanding Result Data

It is unlikely that I will be posting about multivariate testing again in the near future but feel free to reach out with MVT questions. While my new company RAMP Digital will continue to help clients with testing services I expect most of my blog fodder to reflect what I’m most keenly interested in at the moment – pioneering the creation and success of dynamic advertising and landing page solutions (some embedded with MVT) using APIs and the intelligent web. Happy testing!


4 responses to “Expert Guide to Multivariate Testing Success”

  1. Ron Avatar

    Just wanted to say hello


  2. The Magic Of Testing Avatar

    Hey Jonathan,
    You know what amazes me? How few people realize the impact of what you’re sharing here.
    I can not believe you’re just giving this away for free. It’s really powerful information and I applaud you for sharing it with the marketing world.
    Trying to look at it from a newbie’s guide to understanding multivariate testing, I found that the section on understanding result data would probably be the most beneficial, but of course, one would have to actually go through the process of testing for the results to mean anything.
    I’m glad I happened across your site and will probably be back very soon.
    Jonathan Kraft


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