On-Site Targeting: Crawl, Walk, Run Strategy

This is the presentation I gave at the Web Analytics Wednesday last month in Cambridge, MA. I had a great time there and was lucky enough to be in Boston again so I could catch this month’s WAW held at Monster.com. There are some pretty cool things happening in Boston around analytics. One company to keep an eye on is Visible Measures.

I’m not sure how the second slide got into the presentation but I’m always trying to make friends everywhere I go.


One response to “On-Site Targeting: Crawl, Walk, Run Strategy”

  1. Convert Marketing Avatar

    Wow – a great overview! As a marketer in Canada – I have frequently come across the problem that often my market is local, but the web obviously isn’t. And – Canadians LOVE non-Canadian content so it is really hard to find them. Yes, there are ways around it, but I think that semantic targeting 4.0 will be huge for the Canadian market. I have been a regular reader for a while – you always give me great ideas!


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