September Speaking Gigs: OMMA Global and AdMonsters Keynote



At OMMA Global I’m excited and honored to be moderating and speaking on the first Ad industry conference panel ever on Semantic Advertising. Joining me are the two leaders of this emerging technology.

Why Semantic Ads Will Save Display
Friday 9/19
4:15pm – 5:00pm
Session Description:
Semantic technology is quickly redefining display advertising by creating advertising applications that dramatically improve performance results for advertisers and publishers. These dynamic solutions are far from banners. Semantic ads are helpful, useful tools for consumers that improve the value of content, experience and advertising. This session will explain how semantic technology is already being used, how these ads are created and served as well as showing live examples and case study results form publishers and advertisers.
Jonathan Mendez, Founder & CEO, RAMP Digital
Eran Shir, Founder & CEO, Dapper
Amiad Solomon, CEO, Peer39

At AdMonsters I have the honor of giving the keynote address to their Executive Leadership Forum VI.

Can Display Advertising Survive the Web?
Thursday 9/25
Keynote Overview:
Here I’m building a keynote preso off a recent post on the subject.

Falling CPMs. Declining performance. Commoditization. The recent news for advertisers and publishers has not been good. Add to this a poor economic climate and the immediate future looks bleak. However, in every down cycle there is opportunity. In this case, an opportunity to renew the focus on the audience and create new ad solutions that deliver increased relevance, new metrics and provide benefits to everyone in the ecosystem. Jonathan will explore how display got into this situation, why search is immune, what we can learn from this, and how emerging technology will yet again fuel advertising’s growth.

I guess you see the theme here. Display advertising sucks for almost everyone in the ecosystem. But a change is gonna come…

In the past what I’ve enjoyed most about Advertising week is having friends and colleagues visit in NYC and learn about their interesting endeavors. If you’re coming in to NYC (and especially if you have new marketing technology) and you want to meet-up please shoot me an email.



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