The $130 Billion Dollar Landing Page


Google is a fully digital company. Everything Google has done and is today revolves around the web. Google is also by every account one of the top 3 brands in the world. Until billboards this past year Google has never spent a dollar on advertising. No TV, no print, no radio, No banners, no search ads (that it is pays for 😉 – Nothing.

So how did Google build their brand?

It stared with a landing page. The Google homepage is the greatest landing page ever created.

Of course there’s more to it. Google, and Marissa Mayer in particular have been insanely focused on user experience forever. It’s no accident all the links are blue underlined text links or that testing takes place regularly and is a core Google belief.

The other part of the user experience of course is their ability use technology to deliver of relevance.

Still, it started with a landing page. A very simple landing page.

So if you can build a brand — maybe the world’s leading brand, through digital experience alone what does this mean for brand marketing once everything is digital? What does it mean when a killer landing page may hold the key to your digital success?

What it means is that the experiences people have with your digital footprint will define your brand. They will build it or the can take it down.

Crappy website? Crappy brand!
Irrelevant advertising? Irrelevant brand!
Bad landing page? End of brand conversation!

Of course the offline experience will flow back online as well. Rats in the kitchen? Fell asleep on the couch? Battery issues? These all become part of your brand’s digital footprint – forever!

Success for almost every brand and business is now defined by bringing people to your digital presence and optimizing their experience once there. Time and money spent now on anything else but optimizing your digital footprint is short sighted and likely will be wasted. At this stage of the digital game when the tools and technologies are accessible to everyone there are simply no excuses for a failure to optimize.

The $130 Billion Dollars? That’s Google’s market cap today. Not a bad ROI on testing and optimization.


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