Marketing Speak

I’ve been doing plenty of talking the past couple of weeks and I’ve been repeating a number of ideas. Forsaking humility, I thought that sharing what’s on my mind might make an interesting post.

In no particular order:

Contextual Relevance: Deliver relevance in the context of the user focus

Sub-segments: Segmentation…at a whole other level

Filtering: The key to mining data

RPV: It’s not about conversion! It all comes down to raising this metric

Iteration: Agile methodologies rock!

Layout Design: Be brave, the greatest risks have the largest rewards.

A/B test on steroids: That’s a 7×2 Multivariate optimization. BALCO, OTTO…kinda similar but we’re legal.

Ad Titles and Descriptions: More important than ever to optimize.

I wonder when I look back at this post in 6 months from now if I’ll be talking about the same ideas. Things change so quickly.

I’ll be doing even more talking in early December!

To Marketers: December 4th, Search Engine Strategies, Chicago. Two sessions on Day 1: Ads In A Quality Score World and Ad Testing: Research & Findings

To Publishers: December 6th, New York, Outsell’s BrainGainAgile Publishing: Driving Revenue with a Dynamic Customer Focused Web Site


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