OMMA Global: Why Semantic Advertising Will Save Display

The following is rough transcript of my opening statements as moderator/presenter on this panel. I’ve also included my slides on the overview of the semantic advertising ecosystem for display and how each of the companies that were part of this great session (Dapper, RAMP, Peer39) are represented in it. The second part of the slides are my brief presentation on RAMP and the semantic apps we have delivered for clients.

Welcome. When most people hear about Semantic Web in relation to advertising and marketing it’s usually in the context of search. All three of us up here are not working on semantic search engine solutions. We are using semantic web technology to create new solutions in display advertising — for brand and direct marketers.

To help level set everyone’s understanding of semantic advertising it’s first important to understand the difference between static web (document web) & semantic web (data web).

Document Web: Power of links. Power of HTML website, email, search, social apps created by the ability to link to something. It changed communications and business forever.

Semantic Web: Power of correlations. This power maybe even greater than going from no web to document web! The power of data intelligence, relevance and manipulation — the power of the mashup. Bringing data together from different places to deliver more intelligent solutions. Some basic examples in a digital advertising context might be:

*Starbucks ads that show where are all my friends compared to all the Starbucks*

*Travel ads that show the best airfares and hotels rates for the city I’m researching*

Our technology and solutions are focus around understanding and targeting content, information, interest & intent. Our results prove these understandings are the most important factor for digital advertising success because they are the foundations of relevance.



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One response to “OMMA Global: Why Semantic Advertising Will Save Display”

  1. Jimbo Avatar

    J — thanks for posting this. Was just at MIXX; the interest in semantic advertising is percolating big time. The combination of increased relevancy and ROI plus cookie-free technology is making all sides of the online advertising ecosystem (advertisers/agencies, publishers, consumers) pay attention.


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