Chris Anderson on the Two Dimensions of Quality


There have been a few occasions where clients have taken my page layout and messaging work in powerpoint, skipped the design stage altogether and converted these glorified wireframes to HTML. One time it was spite, another time it was money (isn’t this an Eagles song) and another time it was time. In all three events the pre-designed pages outperformed fully designed high production control pages they were being tested against.

Chris Anderson, Editor of Wired understands why. This exchange is from last Thursday’s Charlie Rose show on PBS.

Charlie Rose: What will the web do to content in terms of high cost, expensive, time consuming, content?

Chris Anderson: It turns out there’s two dimensions of what we think of as quality. So quality wins but we think of quality as being production quality. Lighting and sound and film and script and acting – those kind of things. It turns out there’s another dimension of quality that’s as important. That’s relevance.

Chris ended with a question every business needs to know the answer to…“How do you remain relevant in a world that’s fragmenting?”



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