Presentation on Branding & Strategy

SlideShare is a site I’ve used and enjoyed since it was launched. In fact, since SlideShare launched I’ve uploaded every conference presentation I’ve given. It’s also a great way to get a pulse of thoughts and opinions pertaining to many subjects, especially digital. Yesterday I came across this deck below. Take 10 minutes out of you day and view this presentation. While it seems a few years old it is spot on — especially when it talks about the influence that page, site and experience design have on branding. Not only is the content compelling but the visual presentation is striking (yet simple). The deck not only speaks to ideas but incorporates those very ideas in its own delivery and presentation of content. A remarkable achievement with slides and one worth sharing.



2 responses to “Presentation on Branding & Strategy”

  1. joe flores Avatar

    Working @ a full service/in house agency that deals with design and branding, this is a great and simple way to inform designers/developers, the importance of aligning design and marketing as one. Great read & slideshow


  2. Linda Bustos Avatar

    Hands down the best slide deck I’ve seen in my life. Bookmarked!


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