iPod Touch Commercial – Democratized Creative Hits Prime Time

In case you haven’t seen it here is the new iPod Touch commercial that was created by an 18 year old Apple fan Nick Haley from the UK, put on YouTube, discovered by Apple and is now being used for a National Television Campaign. Nick mashuped some video from apple.com, added a soundtrack and edited it.

First the original fan video

The National spot

Someone who has great passion about your product is always your best salesperson. It is your customers, especially your best customers (Nick made the clip on his MacBook using Apple’s Final Cut Pro) that will give you the best ideas about how you should be marketing your products. Not your CEO, not your Agency, not anyone.

The beauty of digital marketing is getting instant answers, insight and learning from your customers…and yes, even ads. Want to know what color to use? What image? What logo? What tag-line? What homepage? Your customers will let you know in real-time. They will even deliver it to you on a silver platter. If you don’t want to sit around waiting for that delivery you can test it.

If you haven’t tested creative in front of live customers in real-time you might not fully value this democratization of ideas, or better yet, stand to benefit from it. For the past two years I’ve gone around evangelizing these concepts. Much of my time was spent shadow-boxing. Nick Haley just threw a hard uppercut to the jaw of traditional outdated advertising modes. Cheers mate!

And bravo to Apple for doing this (and smartly benefit even more from the huge PR windfall). Now, if you can’t get that song out of your head (like me) here’s the band’s original video to make matters even worse.



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2 responses to “iPod Touch Commercial – Democratized Creative Hits Prime Time”

  1. WebMetricsGuru Avatar

    Maybe Advertising should be user generated by customers

    Reading iPod Touch Commercial – Democratized Creative Hits Prime Timereminds me of how boring most commercial advertising is, including corporate PR. And yet, when you have enthused fans creating content that is authentic, it can go o…


  2. Jason Avatar

    What is the band’s name???????? Song is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!


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