Menus as Landing Pages


While at SES San Jose to speak about Landing Page Utopia I had stopped at In-N-Out Burger in Sunnyvale. Being an East Coast guy who does not frequent this establishment I was, as always, struck by the simplicity of their menu.

Certainly their menu helps optimize both the ordering process for customers and the fulfillment process for employees. It has a great layout as well (that I think I’ll actually try in the future as a template) . Many tenets of RAMP’s Landing Page methodologies are present here.

• Radical Simplicity
• Choice Reduction
• Perception of Ease

Think about how many times you’ve been overwhelmed with a menu. Generally that’s not a positive user experience. Lots to learn from thinking about your landing pages as a menu and how menus influence the order.

As a side note, I also was quoted in DM News the other day about John McCain’s landing page strategy. Not to play sides both campaigns could be doing much better with online conversion optimization and frankly with the ROI so important it’s amazing they are doing so little and almost negligent in their (non)use of technology.



2 responses to “Menus as Landing Pages”

  1. Jimbo Avatar

    J — You blew it this time, mate. I usually agree with your stuff 100%, but the East Coast got the best of you when it comes to the old In-Out (sorry for the Clockwork Orange ref.) The menu that YOU saw may be simple, but ah…that’s only part of the story. Check out for a Bigger-N-Better explanation of In-N-Out goodness.


  2. derek.newman Avatar

    Hi Jonathan,
    I came across this article today and recalled your piece on menus. I hope you find it useful.
    Retail psychology of menus: the best advertising ever


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