WidgetWebExpo Presentation on Ad Applications

Speaking at WidgetWebExpo yesterday on advertising applications reminded me of a talk I did three years ago at ad:tech on landing page optimization and multivariate testing. There were a handful of people in the room that day in 2005 and even though I had a case study it was mostly evangelizing to a curious few. Of course, fast forward a few years and now I speak to SRO rooms of hundreds of people interested in multivariate testing and landing page optimization. I know that an even faster rate of growth and adoption will hold true with ad applications. Just like LPO & MVT once you see the power of APIs and the performance results that can be achieved, interest is undeniable.

I really enjoyed the show. Ivan Pope put together a great group of speakers including Fred Wilson and Josh Bernoff to provide keynotes. It was great to listen to a bunch of people I’ve never heard before and talking with others trying to change the world with applications. I also had the chance to meet people doing some of the most exciting things on the web including Mike Berkley CEO of SplashCast (whose technology we happen to be working with on a project), Steve Banfield COO of Mixercast, David Cushman (who thoughts on the future of the web were eerily similar to mine) and Anthony Zito CEO of MediaFORGE (who’s building this ad application market with me).

It’s an exciting time. There are so many changes ahead in the way information, content and advertising will be distributed, measured and optimized. As a result, the value of all online content and advertising will shift in directions no one can predict… but at shows like this, it’s sure fun to see where those bets are being placed.






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