Adobe Moves Towards Open Source Flash

Adobe Adobe is removing all licensing restrictions from Flash and creating the “Open Screen Project.” This is huge news and a giant step forward toward truly open source Flash. They can’t be happy over in Redmond.

From Adobe’s CEO:

“A consistent, more open platform for developers will drive rapid innovation, vastly improving the user experience.”

The cost barriers to build applications keep getting lower and lower. This promotes testing and optimization. Why? They more prototypes I can create, the more applications I can the launch, the faster I fail, the better my end result will be. This is the classic movie studio or record label model. All you need is one big creative hit to drive your whole business. The more creative you release, the better your chances. There is really no doubt that this must be the new creative model for agencies.

Here’s an older post on Optimizing Flash Video for Engagement.






One response to “Adobe Moves Towards Open Source Flash”

  1. ckeene Avatar

    This is a helpful step for Flash users, but what Ajax developers really need is an open source Flex! For example, at WaveMaker, we want to be able to call open source Flex widgets as part of our WYSIWYG Ajax web app builder.


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