RAMP Digital’s First Steps


The first two months of RAMP have been glorious insanity. Besides continued success with Landing Page Optimization and testing I’m focused on a few core digital marketing areas where RAMP will change the world and define next-gen digital agency services. Most of these changes and leadership will revolve around optimized marketing solutions RAMP is creating on top of what is becoming known as the intelligent web. They involve APIs, mashups, personalization and the semantic web.

Web sites are fast becoming web services. In the words of Tim-Berners Lee, “the semantic web will bring change to our everyday life magnitudes greater than the document web has.” Advertising and marketing will not be spared. Semantic advertising and the use of open data and APIs to create marketing mashups will fundamentally change every part of the digital buy-side and sell-side experience by delivering a higher degree of relevance, both contextually and through user control. That’s Relevance AMPlified!

RAMP is actively working on a number of cutting-edge web projects. We believe we are the first agency using the intelligent web to create, deliver and optimize ads, landing pages and digital marketing experiences. We are using advanced marketing technology to create and optimize digital marketing solutions for some of the world’s leading businesses. We are working with technology partners to make their products better. We are using semantic web to help target and personalize experiences. We are also building our own experiences and mashups that solve problems.

We’ve named our initial products Adplications™ and MashLandings™ adding to the lexicon of digital marketing. We’re optimizing ROI performance by creating dynamic ads from the actions of users and dynamic landing pages from the actions in the ads. We’re creating useful widgets because an open and distributed web demands it. We’re building a vertical search engine because there’s nothing more important than search in all of marketing. And since testing and targeting is part of our DNA everything we create will continue to gain more intelligence and become optimized.

I founded RAMP because of two marketing tsunamis. On the buy-side media exchanges and auctions are going to crush every media-buying model in their path. This means performance results will rule. On the sell-side the death of the document (or site) web and the emergence of the data (or services) web can deliver higher intelligence but requires new kinds of creativity. Everything is being disrupted, especially agencies. Five years from now, today’s digital marketing landscape will look like the dark ages. RAMP isn’t anticipating the tsunami, RAMP is riding the wave. And we’re stoked!

I invite you to check out our newest digital experience, rampdigital.com

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One response to “RAMP Digital’s First Steps”

  1. Enn Avatar

    Maybe an irrelevant comment but RAMP was also a music project by Roy Ayers. I’m sure you remember “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” 😉
    If you don’t then look it up – it’ll make your day.


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