Speaking at OMMA Behavioral


Monday I’ll be moderating a panel at OMMA Behavioral in New York City. It’s an important day for those of us that work in onsite optimization since this is the first time we’ve been represented with our own session at OMMA Behavioral. It will not be the last. This session has a stellar group and I hope to lead a very interesting dialog. Please say hello if you are there.

1:30pm: Publisher– Merchandise Thyself
While many publishers have attached their inventory to behavioral ad networks, too few are making the best use of the data they already have on their own users. How can content providers leverage their own usage metrics to merchandise themselves better, with audiences and with advertisers? How can recommendation engines, personalization and better routes to content discovery optimize the audiences sites already have?

Moderator: Jonathan Mendez, Former Founder & CSO, OTTO Digital

Scott Brave, CTO/co-founder, Baynote
Robert Tas, CEO, Active Athlete
Joe Baker, Care2org
Kirsten Rasanen, Director Video Develop, TVGuide.com
Andy Monfried, CEO Lotame



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