Convenience Always Drives Online Results, Not Just at Holiday Season


Despite lots of negative predictions online shopping increased this holiday season by 22.4% according to Visa. That follows a 26% holiday lift in 2006 and 25% increase in 2005.

This rise is attributable to <a href="
“>the convenience of online that I blogged about back in May. The holiday season amplifies this but it is important to note this factor is always present.

As a digital property your ability to provide convenience effects your conversion rates, retention rates and most neglected of all in the eyes of many your branding. Optimizing these factors might just be the most important thing you can do for your business or your clients in 2008.



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One response to “Convenience Always Drives Online Results, Not Just at Holiday Season”

  1. Stephan Miller Avatar

    Online sales can only go up it would seem.


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