ROI Factors of Brand Keywords: Paid vs. Organic

Part 2 of 3

In part 1 I discussed the thinking and strategy behind running tests on whether it was worth it for our client to have ads running on their brand keywords, especially in light of the recent Google changes to the result presentation. Would these clicks just end up going to the natural result if the paid ad wasn’t there? Here’s how we are measuring this.

We are using the Offermatica tool to monitor the behavior on a subset of 30 branded keywords across Google, Yahoo and MSN Live. We will track performance from paid ads, the natural result (that is in position 1 on all these kws) and on the Google the box of four deeper links present in Google’s organic result. Specifically, the tool will measure from each channel and source link; visits, conversion, revenue, average order value and revenue per visitor. We are continually monitoring the results of this traffic in real-time and are tracking if our client loses visitors and revenue as the paid campaigns are turned on and off.

We have just started collecting data and will continue to for about a month. The initial results from the first week are incredibly interesting. With the paid search ads running in Google the box of four category links in the natural result is getting about 8% of the clicks. Contrary to conventional wisdom the deep links that would seem to deliver more direct and relevant landings are underperforming the main organic link on conversion rate, AOV and RPV. It’s still very early in this study so we’ll see if this changes as we gather more data. In part 3 I’ll share a complete set of findings with you.


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