Viral Vidiocy: The Video

So I finally watched the viral debacle. What struck me was that all the smart people that used to work there must have left. seems like…well, not the sharpest tool in the shed.

While they were spending their time learning how to make sandwiches and use a cash register, a smart agency would have be pouring over metrics from Nielsen, comScore, Hitwise, Google & Yahoo.

While was chatting up people coming out of St. Pat’s and questioning a Hasidic Jew (isn’t it obvious that Subway isn’t exactly a kosher deli) a smart agency would have gained understanding of Subway’s brand conversation by exploring audience segmentation and behavioral preferences.

While put time and effort into editing and scoring a viral video a smart agency would have been buying a few keywords, running sample creative and testing messages.

Had they been smart with all the time an effort they spent clowning (or was that real;), they would have learned enough about Subway’s customers to deliver a great pitch. They even could have put it on a video and spread a crafty viral message showing the world why should be your interactive AOR. Instead, like most of the people that star in their own UGC, they have showed themselves for what they are while at the same time trying to be something they’re not.

By the way the 413 (that’s right) <a href="
“>YouTube comments on this are priceless.



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