Intelligence Through Impression Data

Following my first post in the series on Branding and Search, NY Times has a piece on how Impression data can be used for business intelligence (BI) somewhere buried in this puff piece on John Battelle (who’s his PR guy?) and Google.

So I’ve been thinking over the holiday…

Why aren’t search impressions valued more? In print, circulation has real value. On the display side impressions have value. Why can’t search marketers get clients to understand the importance of impression data?

Is it because the more search impressions you have the lower your ROI? Phooey!

Does anyone know of a search contract that’s performanced based on impression data? I don’t believe one exists. Why not? Impressions have value. Real value.

Why does no one care about impressions in search marketing?

It all starts with impressions.

…by the way, I’ll be speaking at SES Latino on the benefits of content targeting and user segmentation. Congrats to Nacho Hernandez on getting a great show together. More on Branding and Search soon.



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