Monday Morning – Are You Changing the World?

OTTO Digital CEO Jamie Roche has a great blog post about what inspires great businesses and what is holding back greatness with most companies today. It’s based on a string of recent interviews Jamie conducted with folks who all left the same (major media) company for the same reason. After being pitched the idea that this company would “change the world” they were not allowed by IT or Brand to pursue what actually were world changing ideas. Hmm, I wonder if anyone can guess which one?

Certainly Clapton provided lots of inspiration to others so why not enjoy an awesome live version of Change the World below. At the very least don’t miss the first 1:40 intro of Slowhand making his Martin acoustic sing or the solo at 4:44.

If you’re a marketer in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Dallas and are interested in changing the world please drop OTTO Digital a note: jobs (at)





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