Year One of Optimize and Prophesize

Coda“It’s all one song!”
– Neil Young

This month marks my first year of blogging. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience that I look forward to continuing with forever. Special thanks to Jamie Roche who encouraged me (actually I believe he forced me) to start blogging. Matt Roche for the friendly page views competition that always gets me out of writers block and to Avinash and Rand whose blogs I took (and continue to take) inspiration from.

As a brief recap, here are some of the 84 posts to date that either have proved to be very popular or didn’t get the response I anticipated:

Landing Page Optimization Trilogy
Reference Landings
Transactional Landings
<a href="
“>Impact of Search Ads

Optimizing Your Content Pages

Branding and Search
Part 1
Part 2

The Death of Best Practices

How Simplicity, Recognition & “The Perception of Ease” Impact Landing Page Optimization

Real Behavioral Targeting Focuses on Intent

Thanks also to everyone that has commented and contacted me both here and via email and those of you that have thought enough of these musings to make them a part of your weekly information consumption.

Rave On,







5 responses to “Year One of Optimize and Prophesize”

  1. Avinash Kaushik Avatar

    Congratulations Jonathan!!
    I owe Jamie a box of chocolates, or something similar, for having “forced” you to blog. The blogosphere is richer from having your voice.
    Here’s to another 84 posts! 🙂


  2. frank patrick Avatar

    Congrats on the year. Keep it up, Jon.


  3. shor Avatar

    In the blogosphere battle between signal and noise, you’re definitely with the forces of good…
    Congratulations Jonathan, keep on blogging!


  4. Daniel Riveong Avatar

    Keep it up. You bring a unique perspective to a very interesting area of online marketing, expanding people’s knowledge yet also being very practical.


  5. SEO Practices Avatar

    Congratulations Jonathan. Your posts on Landing Pages have helped our Company a lot. We have learned from you, and done many changes to our Website’s landing pages with your advice.


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