Online Dating and Baiting

The other night two of my close friends were discussing the pros and cons of online dating services. They both had some interesting observations about the product err, profile pages.

1. Women who put descriptions about themselves that seemed to be tailored to what men want to hear were unappealing. My buddies wanted the real story. They said quite a few women mentioned things like “Sunday’s are for football.” This was not appealing to my friends even though both are Giants season ticket holders.

2. Too many pictures made them drop off. Both my friends said that the first picture is always the best one. As they looked at more photos almost every time they became less and less interested. When I asked if they would have contacted more women had there only be one picture allowed they both said they would have contacted many more.

I think that’s some valuable insight on relevance and messaging. The most interesting discussion on this topic however, was how my friends defined a conversion event. That’s for another forum…

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  1. When dating, it should be your decision to meet or not to meet somebody. If you don’t feel comfortable to meet somebody, it should be your decision. In traditional dating, you may feel a sense of pressure when someone asks you to meet a particular person. In online dating to take a decision on saying yes or no is very easy. Plus you can email back and forth until you do feel comfortable meeting that person. If they like you also, they will want you to feel comfortable. After all, if they have emailed you a number of times, they have invested time in


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