Synopsis of my July 11th Presentation at SES Latino

At the heart of what we do online we need to create relevant experiences. It doesn’t matter what vertical you are in. Users will engage when they are presented with data that is relevant to their goals and objectives.

When we begin to look at creating relevant experiences for an International audience this becomes more challenging. It becomes even more challenging when looking at the Hispanic market. The Hispanic market is fragmented by a large number of factors.


But rather than looking at this as a problem it should be looked at as an opportunity to create highly relevant experiences. How so?

Let’s look at what we know about the Hispanic audience…and I mean what we know when they arrive at your website.

Methodology for audience segmentation:

Geo: We know what country they came from. Possibly even what city.

Source: We know what site they came from.

Keyword: If they came from search we know not only what site but the keyword. Also, if the query was in English or Spanish.

Stage: 1st time visitor, return visitor, return customer

Self Segmentation: What they click on the site. (e.g if they click “find a dealer” you know they are close to purchase)

Once you start segmenting your audience in this way you can begin to strategize around delivering optimized relevance.

Begin by sorting and scoring these segments. What audiences have the most value to you? What audiences perceive you have the most value to them?

You may arrive at the conclusion that your most valuable audience cluster comes from Google, paid search, kw carros ustado, located in San Diego and is a first time visitor. I call this their “Goal Story”

Next step is creating an experience around this goal story.

Experience will be in Spanish not English to align with user flow
Delivery keyword reinforcement that you have “carros ustados”
Make sure the user knows you have dealers in San Diego
Provide other information relevant to a first time visitor

So, you are thinking this sounds great but how can I go and create 40 new websites and 200 landing pages? Fortunatley there is no need. If there has been one roadblock to online marketing success it has been IT. How many of you have had a good marketing idea you wanted to try but couldn’t because of your IT department? There are a number of great technologies out there that can deliver rules based targeted content. You may have noticed that I have been referring to landing pages and web sites not as such but as experiences. This is because I believe that the next generation on the web will not be as much about static pages as it will be about dynamically generated experiences.

There are a number of ASP tools reliant on javascript, to deliver targeted content and experiences. Most of these tool interface seamlessly with your CMS systems and Web Analytics. More and more however these systems can be used as a dynamic rules based CMS.

Relevance = ROI. Looking at a fragmented audience should be seen as an opportunity and there is a huge competitive advantage out there waiting for businesses that embrace creating targeted relevance and dynamic experiences not only in the Hispanic market, but in every market.






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