End of the CPM Experiment

The flag bearer of display advertising was always Yahoo. Their massive sales force stoked 15 years of equity into “the web banner.” Yahoo arguably had the greatest hand in providing the economic foundation for the entire web for many of its formative years.  That is why nothing better symbolizes the collapse of that foundation better… Continue reading End of the CPM Experiment

Taste Graphs and the Future of User Controlled Media

My friend Andy Weissman posted some really interesting ideas last week on the future of branded media that got me thinking. “we are moving to a world where almost everything is available, basically on demand. The problem for users in this environment is no longer "what CAN I watch" (or read or listen to). Instead,… Continue reading Taste Graphs and the Future of User Controlled Media

Talkin’ 2011 Publisher Revenue Blues

"Well, I finally started thinkin' straightWhen I run outta things to investigate." -Bob Dylan It’s been a while since I’ve posted here at Optimize and Prophesize and even longer since I posted regularly. As has been the tradition here  in all but my first year blogging in 2006, I provide a yearly recap of my… Continue reading Talkin’ 2011 Publisher Revenue Blues

Yieldbot Begins Empowering Publishers with Intent Data

“If you think about the [advertising technology] stack there’s lots of necessary elements but it seems to me the meat in the sandwich is the intelligence layer. It’s the engine that figures out, if-this-then-this. If you think about what the most important part is that seems to me to be at the nucleus.” -Terrence Kawaja,… Continue reading Yieldbot Begins Empowering Publishers with Intent Data