SES Presentation: Search Becomes the Display OS

75% of the audience was agencies and amazingly 80% of those people were running both Search and Display campaigns. As my fellow presenter Scott Rafer has noted on more than one occasion the falling cost of Display can bring back better returns than search. Believe it! I saw it myself three times this week for clients. As I alluded to in the session, no one is more prepared to manage campaigns with multiple segmentations, heavy analytics and performance required better than search advertisers. Our time is now.


3 responses to “SES Presentation: Search Becomes the Display OS”

  1. derek.newman Avatar

    Hi Jonathan,
    just a quick thanks for putting the Dockers ad online. Much, much better than seeing pics of it.


  2. derek.newman Avatar

    how do people recognize that your units are interactive? Because people have been used to static display units for a decade what do you think causes them to say “Hey, I can click and explore this unit!”?


  3. Jonathan Mendez Avatar

    Great question Derek.
    I would guess it is that the ads don’t look like normal ads. It is that perception that is the key. Things like radio buttons, scroll bars, etc imply two-way interactions. I think people hunger for that type of advertising.


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