RAMP Digital’s Semantic Dockers Ad Featured on MediaPost


I’m proud to share a great write-up from Tameka Kee at MediaPost around a very successful campaign we worked on with Blackbag Advertising and Dockers using our Semantic Ad Applications which we’ve now formally productized and named RAMPS (short for Relevance Amplifiers).

There are a few metrics in the article however they weren’t even the best ones. Personally I like the 37% Reduction in CPC and the engagement lift was actually 900% not 150%… but let’s not split hairs. 🙂

I believe this is the first press about semantic powered ads and a happy day for us here in New York & our new office in Seattle. Big thanks to Dockers and Black Bag that were not afraid to try something new and also to our close friends at Dapper who were instrumental in making this a success and share our passion to revolutionize display advertising.



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5 responses to “RAMP Digital’s Semantic Dockers Ad Featured on MediaPost”

  1. Craig Lutz-Priefert Avatar

    Jonathan, great to see the coverage. I had read Tameka’s article earlier. Your insights are always increasing my knowledge base. Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. Brian Chappell Avatar

    Great news Jonathan.
    I know at SMX advanced you mentioned a 500% increase. 900% is unreal.
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Jonathan Mendez Avatar

    Thanks Guys. Lots more where this came from in the coming months.


  4. Ted Sindzinski Avatar

    Wow. That’s a truly phenomenal result — thanks for sharing it and for the previous post about the nature of semantic ads. It seems like you’ve provided a true edge to clients both in terms of relevancy and cost savings. Great stuff.


  5. Jonathan Mendez Avatar

    Thanks Ted…isn’t it amazing that relevance actually saves you money! One might think it would cost something.


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