Facebook Flyers Pro Taking Off

Fb6Over the past month Facebook launched its Flyers Pro CPC (cost per click) advertising solution. This adds CPC advertising to Facebook’s existing Flyers Basic CPM solution, their Microsoft banner solution and sponsored deals. Whatever deal FB is about to announce tomorrow their valuation is sure to be helped by the very existence of Flyers Pro.

I became extremely interested two weeks ago when I had lunch with someone very close to the world of black-hat affiliates. He told me these black-hat affiliates were setting up hundreds of accounts to get past the daily spend limits and that a number of them were pocketing over $15k per week in commissions the first two weeks using Flyers Pro. Those kinds of results got my attention so I decided to dive in myself and start experimenting. If you haven’t seen the solution here is a quick peek at Flyers Pro and its incredible targeting capabilities.

There are three steps to create a Flyer Pro. The process is a single page with a one page confirm but I’ll break it down for you by section:

Flyer Creation
It is incredibly easy to get going (a hallmark of FB). There are three options for the type of flyer and then the ability to upload an image and then create the copy.

Flyer Targeting
This is where is gets fun. FB gives you the ability to target by geo (to the city level), sex, age, keyword, politics, relationship, education, and workplace. Fb2
This is incredibly powerful, especially the keyword level part of it. As you set the target parameters the amount of people in your target segment is automatically updated. For example:
At the present time you can’t create segments with more than one keyword. Multiple keywords just add to the segment, they do not make it more targeted. I would expect this functionality to emerge soon. Still, the other selections make it pretty powerful. For example targeting men in San Francisco who like A Clockwork Orange is an incredibly targeted segment to deliver relevant messaging to.

As with the core of Facebook the education targets are VERY specific. You can target by education level, school and year.

Flyer Spending
The last part is where you set your Max CPC and daily spend cap. You also have the ability to set start and end dates.

The next page is a straight forward billing form and then it’s off you go into the world of Facebook users.

It is pretty clear to see the power contained here. Never has it been so easy to create targeted advertising. Never has it been possible to target such deep levels of segmentation. Also, don’t underestimate the power of the self-service interface. This removes all barriers to entry and makes testing for efficacy ideal. In fact, I’m in the process of testing a number of CPC Flyers and hope to report back on the results next month. In the meantime, target & test! I’m sure you have something of interest to this community, or the tens of thousands of dynamic communities that can be targeted to on the “fly-er” that make up this social network.



6 responses to “Facebook Flyers Pro Taking Off”

  1. NewMediaist.com Avatar

    Sounds like your friend reads Shoemoney (http://www.shoemoney.com/2007/09/24/pwning-facebook-how-to-think-like-an-uber-affiliate/) or Wickedfire (http://www.wickedfire.com/affiliate-marketing/17247-facebook-opens-cpc-advertising.html) 🙂
    Just as an afterwards to the story, Facebook has threatened legal action against those “black hat” SEO’s who abused their flyer system. Still an amazing tool for white hats’ though!


  2. Chris Avatar

    Damn! I’m very impressed. I saw the flyers for the first time last week, and just figured it was someone that created an ad to look like something on Facebook… I think I’m in love with this! I’ll start testing on it ASAP.


  3. Dan Avatar

    Charlene Li, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester posted her test results from Facebook Flyers.


  4. Jonathan Mendez Avatar

    Thanks Dan.
    I did see Charlene’s post. Charlene was doing Flyers Basic, the CPM product.
    Hopefully she’ll also test Flyers Pro the CPC product.


  5. Franck Silvestre Avatar

    I’m interesed in this facebook stuff, so thank you.


  6. Forexman Avatar

    Hi. This is really interesting post. Thank You! I have just subscribed to Your rss!
    Best regards


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