Advertising Week 2007

AdweekNext week I’ll be at what is referred to as “Advertising Week” here in New York City. On the Digital side OMMA and MIXX have their shows scheduled right against one another. Last year I spoke and attended OMMA. I was a bit disappointed with the show however my presentation from it; Optimizing Content Pages – When Every Page is a Landing Page is by far the most viewed presentation I’ve posted on this blog.

This year I’ll be moderating a session at MIXX and attending both shows. John Broady, our newest Client Partner at OTTO Digital who comes to us after being VP of Operations and Business Intelligence at CNET will be speaking at OMMA along with Matt Roche, CEO of Offermatica. If you’re going here’s where we’ll be:

OMMA: Monday 4:45pm
Follow the User: Leveraging On-Site Behaviors
Every visitor and every page she views at a site offers publishers a clue about how to better serve her, and yet very few sites even alter their home page for new and returning customers. Most of our sites literally sit on piles of behavioral data that could be leveraged to serve more personalized content to a user, focus advertising strategies or just make a visitor feel more welcome. How are the most advanced sites realizing real revenue gains and better customer relationships by tracking user behavior? And how are they taking raw data and turning it into actionable knowledge about customer?

Matt Roche, CEO Offermatica
John Broady, Client Partner OTTO Digital
Jack Jia, CEO Baynote
Jeff Hirsch, Chief Revenue Officer, Revenue Science

Moderator: Steve Smith

MIXX: Tuesday 1:45pm (Room 402, 4th floor)
The Next Generation of Applications for Targeting, Personalization, and Advertising
The pages and paths approach is giving way to a world where the delivery of relevance to drive engagement rules. Nowhere is this more evident than in the rise of widgets and applications. Next generation widgets and applications are already being developed that use quantitative data to optimize and target the delivery of contextually relevant content across experiences. In Social Media, this creates a viral effect. For publishers, the rise in engagement metrics enables a more detailed discovery of user behaviors resulting in deeper more valuable segments. For advertisers, this means better targeting. This workshop will focus on the applications, strategies, measurement and benefits that can be expected in this emerging medium that looks to be transforming the web as we know it.

Sam Bloom; General Manager, Interactive, Camelot Communications
Andrew Chen; Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Mohr Davidow Ventures
Andy Monfried; President & Founder, Lotame
Kevin Tate; Founder and Principal, StepChange Group

Moderator: Jonathan Mendez, Chief Strategy Officer, OTTO Digital

OMMA: Tuesday 2:15pm (Gramercy, Suite A)
Crunching Numbers – The Growing Importance of Data-driven Decision Making
Gone are the days of intuition. Welcome to an age where data is changing the rules of the game. Today’s best and brightest marketers have turned into savvy statistical practitioners, harnessing the power of data to shape their decisions and help them achieve their business goals. Author of the new book Super Crunchers and Forbes columnist Ian Ayres will discuss why thinking by numbers is the new way to be smart. He will be joined by The New York Times and eHarmony who will share real-life experiences detailing how data shapes their organizations and helps optimize their businesses. You will not want to miss what promises to be a lively discussion.

Ian Ayres, author of Super Crunchers and Yale Law School professor
Janeen Wasoski, Advertising Director, Digital Sales Strategy, The New York Times
Jon Ward, VP, Business Development, eHarmony

Moderator: Chris Duskin, Director Product Marketing, Offermatica





2 responses to “Advertising Week 2007”

  1. Adam Broitman Avatar

    I have been following your blog. Hope we meet up sometime at OMMA


  2. Jonathan Mendez Avatar

    Adam- Would love to meet. I’ll be at OMMA Monday. Hope to find you.


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