Blog Tag: I’m it!

Seems there is a holiday game of blog tag going around that was started by Jeff Pulver. I was tagged by Avinash Kaushik. The idea is to present some personal things about the blogger so the readers can get to know a few things about who they are.

So, five facts that you probably don’t know about me (actually in the holiday spirit of giving there are more than five here):

1. I’m a huge music fan (as you will find out). My five favorite concerts (top of mind) REM, American University 1985, Bruce Springsteen, Asbury Park Convention Center 2000, Year of the Blues Celebration, Radio City Music Hall 2003, Bob Dylan Columbia Records 30th Anniversary, Madison Square Garden 1993. Rolling Stones, Roseland Ballroom, 2002

2. I was a singer/songwriter for a few years and recorded on the (now defunct) independent label Bad Karma Records. I still love to play guitar and harp. I own a 1999 Paul Reed Smith CE, A 1994 American Standard Fender Telecaster, A 1976 Fender Telecaster Custom, a 1962 Re-Issue Fender Stratocaster and a Martin HD-28. I’m about to get a new Gibson Custom Shop CS 336. My harps of choice are Hohner Special 20’s.

3. I love wine and have a cellar with about 400 bottles. My collection is heavy with Italian Super Tuscans & Piedmonts and Red Burgundies. My current favorite wines are from Alcina Cellars and my new delivery from them just came yesterday. Here’s a wine of theirs I had last week. It was tasty (that’s a wine term).

4. I have been playing in the same high stakes fantasy baseball league for 12 years. What makes our league great is that it is highly strategic. Each of the 18 teams has a 36-player farm system and each season we hold a minor leaguer draft where we select players from the majors all the way down through the minors and even high school. The league is a continuity league so once you have the player in your system he’s yours until you cut him or trade him. We can sign players to long-term contracts too and if you cut them before the contract is over you still have to pay. I think our league is about as close to real baseball as you can get. I’ve won the league three times and came in second place this year.

5. In 1999 I produced and directed the feature length documentary film “Tramps Like Us, The Magic of Bruce Springsteen” It was set in the parking lot of Bruce’s 15 night run of New Jersey shows during the summer of 1999’s E Street Band reunion tour as well as in Asbury Park, NJ. The film was called “a dynamic piece of filmmaking” by the Asbury Park Press and was screened at the Louisville Film Festival, The Screening Room in NYC as well as being the first official event at the 2000 grand reopening of the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

Well, that’s enough about me. My blog tags are Rand Fishkin, Barry Schwartz, Marshall Sponder, Matthew Roche and Bill Slawski. You guys are it! I’m getting back to work…





5 responses to “Blog Tag: I’m it!”

  1. Barry Schwartz Avatar

    That is hard, my personal blog holds nothing back. Not sure what five things I can put there, that I haven’t…


  2. Jonathan Mendez Avatar
    Jonathan Mendez

    That’s true Barry. You’ve gone farther than most of us with a dedicated personal blog. I guess you get a pass. 😉 But I’d be interested in your 5 favorite basketball players of all-time…


  3. Barry Schwartz Avatar

    One is enough, Michael Jordan…


  4. SEO by the SEA Avatar

    Blog Tag: Five Things You Dont Know About Me

    One of the memes going through the blog world is a game of Tag that has people sharing something about themselves that their audience likely hasnt heard about them before. Ive been tagged by both Sophie Weget and Jonathan Mendez. Here a…


  5. WebMetricsGuru Avatar

    The Blog Tree – Blog Tag

    I was blog tagged by Jonathan Mendez a couple of weeks ago in this game of Blog Tag (and since have been tagged by Gary Angel and someone else) so Im not sure if Im supposed to do this 2…


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